Our practice

Our practices

Safe food and flower production is of utmost importance at Left Fields.
Food can be eaten straight from the ground and flowers are handpicked to be enjoyed from straight from field to vase.

We practice no-dig farming.
This eliminates reliance on heavy machinery and preserves soil integrity. Reduced compaction leads to improved soil structure and biodiversity. A healthy soil biome supports plant immunity and health.

Under the no-dig method perennial weeds are killed off before garden beds are established. These weeds are killed by smothering the area with tarpaulin for several weeks then, rather than digging into the ground, cardboard is laid out as a foundation (several layers thick) and garden beds are built on top of the ground using organic matter and compost. 

An ongoing advantage to the no-dig growing method is the reduced weed pressure over time. When soil is left undisturbed, any weed seeds present in the soil will remain dormant (as they are not lifted to the surface via digging) and will therefore struggle to germinate. 

"We are proud of the satisfaction we get from farming by hand. By keeping our hands in the soil, we stay connected to the food we are producing."

When we harvest we leave the roots in the soil.
We don’t operate heavy machinery. Our farm is sized for tools and practices that support human-scale agriculture that is ecological and profitable. 

We don’t use any pesticides, herbicides or chemicals of any kind. We strongly believe that toxic substances and chemicals should never be applied to food or soil. 

We support plants through regular application of natural soil amendments and strategic foliar feeds. Soil amendments we regularly apply include compost, lime (calcium carbonate) and Blood & Bone Meal. Foliar Feeds we strategically apply include Essential Microorganisms (EM’s), Fish Hydrolysate (homemade) and Seaweed Tonic. 

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